White Sweet Corn

Sweet white corn is harvested young to eat as a vegetable. It is sweet because the sugar hasn’t all turned to starch. Contrary to popular myth, white corn tastes the same as sweet corn and contains the same amount of sugar! The only difference is color.

Quality Check

Husks ought to be tight and green, with no worm holes. Moist, brown ends of a husk are ripe. Take a peek. Sweet corn kernels ought to be plump, firm, and white. Sweet corn needs to be prepared the day you buy it, or refrigerated in a bag for a couple days. Do not remove husk until ready to cook.


Remove the husk and silk threads by hand. Corn on the cob can be boiled, steamed, or grilled. Throw some white corn kernels in a skillet with chopped bacon, peppers, and garlic for a fiery, sweet dish!


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Confused With

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Author : Caleb Guard
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