The famous watermelon is an African flower. Typical watermelons range from fist-sized to balloon-sized, have green, striped rind, and a juicy, red flesh. Other varieties, for example, can have black rind or yellow flesh.

Quality Check

The rind is sturdy, but the juicy flesh is vulnerable. A ripe watermelon will have a field spot on the bottom, while an unripe spot is white. Thump the rind and listen for a hollow “plunk” to tell you it’s ripe. They should also smell just a little sweet before opening. Store at room temperature unless you want it served cold. Cut watermelons last a few days in a refrigerator.


Wash and rinse first. There are many ways to slice according to desired presentation. If you cut off both ends of the rind, you can easily stand it up and slice in half from top to bottom, allowing for several desired serving styles.

Author : Caleb Guard
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