Red Potato

Red potatoes are round, golf ball-sized, and light red in color.  All potatoes originally came from the northern Andean region of South America and are the world’s fourth largest crop after rice, wheat, and corn.

Quality Check

Red potatoes should be firm and without blemishes.  Be especially careful to avoid potatoes with any green spots.


Red potatoes have a more complex and substantive texture than more commonly used Russet potatoes that can be best appreciated through simple preparation.  No need to skin them! Just slice them in wedges; add some olive oil, rosemary, salt, and pepper; and roast them for an hour at 400 degrees for great home fries.  They also are among the best potatoes for potato salad both for their color and density (they are more likely to hold their shape in the salad compared to a Russet).

Author : Colin Mathewson
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