The pomegranate is an ancient fruit from the Mediterranean. The fruit is round and reddish with a crown-shaped stem. The inner husk is spongy and white, encasing garnet arils that look like jewels. A single pomegranate can have anywhere from a hundred to over a thousand juicy arils! The taste is sweet and tart, sometimes mildly sour or sharp.

Quality Check

The heavier, the juicier. The surface should be smooth and hard. Refrigerate.


Score with a knife and break it open by hand. Fill a bowl with water and submerge the fruit. Separate the arils underwater, which will prevent squirting juice and allow the seeds to sink and inedible pulp to float. You can also score the rind a few times after halving the fruit and then “spank” the seeds into a bowl. Freezing beforehand also helps. Pomegranate is an exotic garnish for Indian or Mediterranean dishes.

Author : Caleb Guard
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