Jalapeno Pepper

Jalapeño peppers are usually red or green. They are mildly spicy, though some have more heat than others. Their bodies are waxy and long. Some look like large Christmas lights!

Quality Check

The skin should be smooth, devoid of holes, cuts, and mold. Small brown scars are a sign of heat intensity called “corking.” They don’t look attractive, but they’re still good. Wash jalapeños well. Store jalapeños in a bag in the crisper. Keep them until they’re crinkly or too soft.


If you’re sensitive to heat, don’t eat one all at once. Use gloves when chopping and wash hands afterward. We recommend slicing them thinly. Pickled, they go great on nachos. You can grill them alongside meats, or stuff them with cheese, bread them, and bake them.


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Author : Caleb Guard
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