Green Bell Pepper

Bell peppers, along with chili peppers, originated in South America and have been cultivated for thousands of years.  Green bell peppers have a refreshing crunch and slightly spicy taste when eaten raw.

Quality Check

Bell peppers should be firm to the touch, free from blemishes, and with a skin that is tight (you don’t want to see or feel wrinkles).


Remove the core and seeds and slice and dice as your recipe requires.  Green bell peppers are an essential base, along with onion and garlic, in many dishes.  In Cajun cooking, green bell peppers make up the “trinity” beginning to much of the cuisine along with celery and onion.  They can serve as a sturdy bowl for stuffed pepper recipes, and are packed with vitamin C.


Stone Fruit






Sour Cream

Author : Colin Mathewson
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