Cilantro has been enjoyed by humans for at least five thousand years; coriander, the name of its seed and a pungent spice, has been found in ancient Egyptian tombs!  (Intriguingly, some of us possess an enzyme that gives cilantro a soapy taste.  The rest of us are deeply grateful this herb exists and try to add it to almost anything.)

Quality Check

Avoid wilting leaves, and store in the fridge in an airtight bag until ready to use.


Rinse and remove the leaves from the stems.  Now add to tacos, salsa, korean pho soup, banh mi sandwiches . . . anything that could benefit from the sweet, tangy, and inimitable taste of cilantro.

Also Known As


Chinese Parsley

Confused With


Curly Parsley

Author : Colin Mathewson
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